Help For Widows

A Leading NGO for Widows in Delhi, India

Widowed women have to fight for their rights and are often victims of discrimination. At Save The Humanity in Delhi, we work towards the noble cause of alleviating the pain of widowed women. Facing economic insecurity, social stigma and often abandonment, widowed women are facing many hurdles in Indian society. We strike to bring about a chance in attitudes and economically empower women for the most challenging experience of living in a patriarchal society with a widowed status.

Widowed women and their children need our support. Save The Humanity was founded with the aim to instill a sense of welfare and bring about a social change in the way we see these pressing concerns. Our aim is to provide financial and social as well as economic security for women who have faced the hardship of widowhood. Help us to assist and support elderly and young widowed women in rural and urban areas regain a chance at a more secure life. Donate generously to Save The Humanity, and make our mission a reality.

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