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Old Age is Very Difficult Phase of Life. This is Phase where people want be loved and care by their children. But Most of the elderly are facing loneliness, Depression or even Helplessness. After the age of 60 People are uncapable to managing day-to-day living. Decline in physical health, loss of mobility, safety concerns, lack of dependable home help or cognitive impairment could all affect their independence and living choices.

Basically India is Known as the Joint Family Culture. But Now a Days the Joint Family System is slowly fading away and soon become extinct. There are Many Reason Behind that. The first- lifestyle of present day youngsters.  With the introduction of many electronic gadgets like computers, mobile phones, video games and with many other such electronic gadgets, the younger generation is slowly moving away from the attachment of family bonding and gets glued to such electronic items ignoring their elders and staying away separately.

Secondly, once after marriage, men are slowly moving away from their parents, reasons may be many. But the main reason which I had seen in many houses is the newly married young women in such homes force their husbands to come out of such bonding called joint family and wants to lead an independent life away from her in-laws. They Choose to stay apart form their elderly for the ease of their life. Do not know how they can avoid the love, care, respect, and Blessings of their Parents or grand parents.

Thirdly, even if the newly married couple continues to live in a joint family, a problem arises slowly and steadily first with small fights between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, that who should have control over the family, which escalates further if sisters-in-law too join the issue.

In another incident which I had witnessed in many houses, the children, say a son and daughter, share their parents after their marriage. How? They draft an agreement that for one year the daughter would shelter her mother and during the same period the son would shelter his father. They both would swap their parents next year. What an inhuman way of treating aged parents? How cruel the children are nowadays? After coming to know of these incidents in many houses, tears swell from my eyes. Also, I lost sleep on many nights. Without wanting to part this way, and unable to digest this type of ill-treatment meted out to them from their children, the aged ones, silently move away from their own house.

So, SAVE THE HUMANITY is planning to build an house for elderly with all facilities.We Need your Full Support please Donate HouseHold things like Furniture, Utensils, Blankets, Pillows, Clothes, Fridge, Geezer, and other daily use items. If you want to Support with money to build house then you are most welcomed.

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