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What Is the SAVE THE HUMANITY Foundation?

Save The Humanity is A Non Profit Organisation. We are Working towards Helping People to make a positive Difference in their life and Provide them all NeedFull items like Food, Clothes, Books, Education etc…
We Always Stand by the Needy Poor People who can’t afford live their life. Humanity Should be Alive Always. We are Fighting For Humanity.

What is Save The Humanity's Vision?

Our vision is to see No one should be hungry, everyone has shelter, every child can get education, all animal will be treat nicely and every people should stand to save the humanity.

Who are the people Behind Save The Humanity?

Aakash kumar is the Founder & Executive Trustee of “Save The Humanity Foundation”, a national level development organization that was established in 2018 by him and his friends as a part of their giving back to the society. We all Are Standing with all people and animals to save Humanity.

What is the Mission Of Save The Humanity?

Our mission is to educate Children without any Difficulty, Empower Girls and Women, and enable every individual who wishes to make a positive difference in the life of the underprivileged child, Men and Women.

How can I Contribute to Save The Humanity?

You can go to Donate button on header Menu of Save The Humanity’s website and donate online. If you want to Donate Books and Other Stationary For School Going Children then you can Contact us at +919315947603. For other donations related queries please write to Support@Savethehumanity.org.in

How do I contact you regarding my donation?

For Any assistance or information on donating to Save the Humanity please do write to support@savethehumanity.org.in or call +919315946703. You can also visit to:
Save the Humanity,
WA-118, 4th Floor, School Block Shakarpur, Delhi 110092

What does Save The Humanity do with my one time donation?

If You specify where your donation have to use then we will only spend it on that otherwise we will spend your donation for Feeding Food For Poors, Providing Hospital Facilities For Poor Patients, Distributing Clothes, School Stationary and Meals Etc…

What is Save The Humanity Education Programme?