Best NGO for Children Education in Delhi, India

Education remains a beacon of hope for our youth, our children and our nation. Yet the problem of illiteracy and lack of quality education is a reality in India. We at Save The Humanity a leading ngo for children education, work tirelessly to make the goal of universalization of education possible. We believe that right from primary school to later stages of education, an educated India is a progressive India.

We use funds donated to our charity for educational initiatives and are driven by the vision of “education for all.” As a non profit foundation, we have a team of dedicated, sincere professionals working with us to offer the most amazing support systems for all our programs and initiatives. We are working hard to bring the objective of education for all to reality.

Our capabilities to help those in need of educational intervention programs, continuing educational programs, distance education programs and primary school enrollment are directly influenced by your support for our cause. Join us in dispelling the darkness of ignorance and add value to each life with the light of education to show the way.