Be Someone’s Hunger Hero

As we all know that Hunger is the only thing that can never be ignored by anyone. In Bharat, According to a survey it was found that more than 5000 people per day were dying only because of hunger and starvation. Near by 150000 Children were Daily Crying because their parents were unable to provide them proper feed.

save the humanity child labour

 The Condition of poor is not hidden in Bharat but still many people are wasting food regularly and it is near by one time meal of 1 crore people. Many Children’s are eat food from the trash and they bag for money from people because they don’t have facility of food, place to stay and school for study.

In Bharat, Feeding to poor’s is considered as a Puniya and Good Karmas. In fact one of the rituals in hindu’s is Pind Daan, Pind daan is feeding the poor so as to free the spirits of the ancestors. So, SAVE THE HUMANITY Run many Programs to save the humanity like Distributing Food in slum areas, Run Free School, Daily One time meal for School Students, Provide Health Care for Poor Patients, Distributing Clothes and Blankets etc…

As recently we all are facing pandemic situation Due to Corona and in that case Poor People are facing alot. In this Situation main Problem is many people get unemployed and unable to afford food for their family members. Save The Humanity Distribute food in many slum area in this pandemic situation.


However, feeding food to all poor and needy people will require huge investment both in Resources and time. A better alternative is to create conditions by which proper wholesome food is available to all the slum areas. Getting this done is considered as the biggest charity. So, we need your hand to help these poor and needy people. Please Donate Us or you can Contact Us for any Information and queries.

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